Joanne Nicole was founded by Lacey Barratt and Katie Gallop, two best friends who have shared more TMI than humanly possible we think. What we found through our sharing was through our different experiences of the world, we also had so many similarities symbolically. Katie attended Lacey’s 5th baby’s birth for support and to photograph, and Lacey attended Katie’s 4th baby for support and to photograph. Both lovers of the world of birth, there were traumas that were present in each of our yoni’s that began to surface physically. As both are lovers of birth, both are also lovers of crystals. This is where the journey begins.

You can find crystals in our bras, behind our doors and on our windowsills as any given point in time. We chart the moon, love our tarot cards and can even be called closet witches, using the Earth to support our journey on Earth. 

Our mission is to support people to experience pleasure through healing. We experience so much trauma throughout our lives we don’t realise that the body keeps the score, especially our reproductive parts both external and internal parts. We hope that you can find what you are looking for and always reach out if you need support chosing a crystal egg or wand. 


Joanne Nicole x