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The purchase of our crystal wands is not a substitute for medical advice.

The information held on this page is for educational purposes only. Joanne Nicole cannot be held responsible for any misuse of our products. When you purchase any of our products you do so at your own risk and relinquish any liability to Joanne Nicole. Our suggestions are not medical advice.

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Please note that all of our crystal eggs and wands are hand crafted with love and intention. However, due to the hand crafted nature of our wands, some may vary in size and shape. There may be minor imperfections in the stones, which is normal. Your wands should not have any broken or chips areas or sharp edges. If you wand does have this issue, please email us asap so we can organise a replacement wand as this is not safe. We do check all orders before shipping but we too are human and may miss these things. Please notify us within 24 hours of recieving your parcel. Any time lapsed after this we cannot warrent if it is a shipping/faulty product or not any longer.