Labradorite Yoni Egg Large


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Labradorite is a unique stone in appearance. It shimmers in the light and is associated with the third eye chakra + sacral chakra. It is known to help bring to light/heal any illnesses you might have, bring more clarity to the mind, brings new ideas, and sheds light on beliefs and patterns that don’t serve us.

Please note these Yoni Eggs are not drilled.  These are our large eggs. For those that have had children, you can start with the larger egg if you’re worried about your pelvic floor being weak. Just keep in mind while the larger egg is obviously larger, it is also heavier- so could be just as good to use the medium-sized egg in our set of three to start with as well. Let your Yoni guide you intuitively on what feels good and what she needs to recover and heal.

Egg Size Approximately:

50mm x 30.5mm