Shortcake Wand- Travel Collection


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Shortcake is part of our travel collection. Big enough to bring big pleasure, yet small enough to carry and be inconspicuous.
Shortcake is made of strawberry quartz and is approximately 10 cm long by 2.5 wide.
Each of our stones are hand carved, meaning there will be slight variations from wand to wand.
If clear quartz and rose quartz were to have a baby, they’d make strawberry quartz.
Combining the amplifying energy of clear quartz and the energy of love in rose quartz, we have one super loved up crystal.
Strawberry Quartz aids balancing of emotions and psyche, amplifies intention of love and generosity, and aids in ‘get-shit-done’ mode. Perfect those who might live fast paced lives, but need calm in the form of a beautiful strawberry coloured quartz. These are also commonly worn to attract a soul mate.