What is Yoni de-armouring?

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Yoni Healing with Crystal Wands

When we experience trauma, pain, suffering, etc, our wombs tense up. After all, it is a muscle. Trauma, numbness, and pain are stored in the vagina, more specifically, near your cervix. Your vagina is the portal between the masculine and the feminine…without the fertility and creativity of your yoni, it wouldn’t exist. Think of the power that statement and your yoni holds right now.

As we experience trauma, our vaginas create armour to protect us. The more trauma we experience, the more armour is put up. As a result, we lose sensitivity, experience numbness, and many feel pain during sex/self-pleasure. The art of de-larmouring your yoni is nothing more than the same way we massage our backs when we are tense.

Our Sydney wand is perfect for de-armouring your yoni. Get relaxed, put on some music, fire up your favourite smells…arouse your senses. Get your favourite massage oil and start massaging your entire body. When you feel aroused and your Yoni is ready to invite you into her, insert your Sydney wand. Place it at the entrance of your vagina and apply slight pressure in a clockwise motion. If you feel any pain, numbness or experience any emotional releases…apply firm pressure to the spot for 3 minutes or so until you feel the release. Repeat this process a little deeper into the vagina until you reach your cervix. This can be performed in one sitting or one spot at a time over multiple sittings.

Please be in a safe space, be gentle on yourself, and make sure to worship your Yoni in the process of expressing gratitude. This is such a powerful way to heal our yoni, our feminine and our masculine.

This ritual can also be used to de-armour the anus for those of us that don’t have vaginas. 


De-armouring your yoni is a deeply personal and sacred experience that you can choose to do by yourself or with a partner you trust.