Why Crystal Wands?

love yourself

When I discovered crystal wands, it wasn’t for the purpose of pleasure. Although they are wonderful to experience the most beautifully full-of-energetic, full-body orgasms, I actually discovered them as a way to be present with myself without expectation. 

In a world where vibrators, dildos and silicon are in, I deeply desired to step away from that type of pleasure. The first time I used a crystal wand was for the purpose of de-armouring. I wanted to be present with myself and worship my yoni. I wanted her to feel worthy of being touched outside of sexual stimulation. This for me was worthiness. Something I desperately needed for self-love and self-acceptance. 

Crystal wands bring immense energy, pleasure, and healing to our bodies and hearts. It is the moments of in-between where our bodies get forgotten. Using a crystal wand brings back sensitivity, muscle strength, and helps to release trauma that is stored in our yoni, unlike vibrators and silicone dildos. If you are looking to get started with crystals, but aren’t sure what they are or how they work, you have come to the right place. Before we use our wands for self-pleasure and orgasm, let’s use them to worship our pussies like the goddess she is. 

Symbolisms and Mataphors in Sex, Birth and Death.

When I was creating our brand I wanted the Earth to be the centre of our brand. But the Earth is also symbolic of our Yoni. It is the birthplace of all things fertility, creativity and symbolism. All of our packaging is eco-friendly. This is where masculine meets feminine. Crystals come from the Earth and our packaging can go back to the Earth. When you receive your wand (which represents the feminine and birth) please know that everything in your packaging can be discarded back to the Earth (masculine energy and death) This is symbolic of giving and receiving. An energy that is needed to be held during birth, sex and death. Whilst lush satin-lined boxes felt luxurious, I really wanted to have packaging that our customers and I connected to. When you receive our wands and products we want you to feel as if you’ve been birthed, discarding the old you that has died back to the Earth. This is transcendence.